What is Behavioral Naming?

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on June 16, 2017. Posted in in Uncategorized

As a professional nameologist, I see baby naming from a unique perspective. It’s fun to look at baby naming books and baby naming sites that relay the historic meaning of a name. Sarah means “Princess,” Paul means “humble” and Ava means “bird.” But how do those meanings from centuries ago affect personalities today? And while you might like one name because it’s cute or another because it’s popular, how will those names mold your child’s personality characteristics?

Since names carry energy patterns based on their letter structure, they are alive with emotion that has an affect on how we feel. While these patterns are invisible, they still have great impact. So why not name your baby with an understanding of how the name you choose will affect his or her personality through life?

Naming is a science and name patterns create predictable results. So go beyond the meanings of old and study the possible choices from the inside out. That way, your little one will be blessed with a name that has balance and purpose.